Which is the best blogging platform?

Which Is The Best Blogging Platform
Which Is The Best Blogging Platform

Hi folks! Have you been looking around on internet, searching for the best blogging platform? Well here we have the answer for you directly from Swami Digianand.

Swami Digianand spent a lot of time in researching for you that which is the best blogging platform. Let us look at the various factors that are important for you to consider before choosing which is the best blogging platform.

Which Is The Best Blogging Platform
Which Is The Best Blogging Platform

Let us look at the factors that will decide which is the best blogging platform:

  1. Ease of use: As a blogger if you are spending too much time in understanding the platform, and in using / maintaining the platform, then rather than becoming a blogger you will become a website developer. So choose a platform that is easy to use.
  2. Availability of themes: Which are the themes that are available for your blog that solves the purpose. Different types of blogs will need different themes. So you have to choose a platform that will have the right theme available for you.
  3. Choices of plugins / modules / components: A theme in itself would not be complete. You will need to improve the functionality using the plugins / modules / components.
  4. Security of the website: This becomes a very important factor for running a blog. There are many spammers / hackers across the internet who are always looking for website where they can attack and steal crucial information. While choosing the platform be very careful.
  5. Support from the community: If you are choosing a platform where you do not have a strong community, then you are heading for a disaster. There will be times when you are stuck up and you need support.
  6. Availability of developers and paid support: In case you need certain development to be done, you would need people who can help you out with this. So choose a platform for which you can find proper support and developers.
  7. Flexibility to take the traffic: Generally this is not a concern with most of the open source / paid platforms now a days.
  8. Cost involvement: Are you looking for a free / open source platform or are you looking for a premium platform. This will completely change the thought process.
  9. Hosting: Do you want the platforms hosted for you or you want to have your server / hosting space and host your blog for yourself.
  10. Upgrades: How often the platform is upgraded. Since the technology is changing quite fast so these platforms also have to keep themselves updated at all times. What was good yesterday might not remain good for tomorrow. So you need to choose a platform that is the best.

Now that we understand the elements that need to be considered before we choose which is the best blogging platform, let us now look at the platforms that are available today, in the order I recommend. 1 being my preferred choice:

  1. WordPress.org: This is the best blogging open source content management systems available. But for it, you will require your own server and a domain name. And you need to develop your website.
  2. WordPress.com: In case you do not want to spend money in registering a domain, or hosting a website, you can opt for a free domain and a free website on wordpress.com. This would have lesser functionality as compared to wordpress.org. But then you are not spending money. Its free!
  3. Joomla.org: Similar to WordPress.org, another option is Joomla. This is a good option for developing a business website but for blogging this probably is not the best choice.
  4. Drupal.org: You really need to be a pro, if you want to use Drupal. Its slightly difficult to maintain and not as easy as WordPress and Joomla.
  5. Blogger.com: Blogger is offered by Google and it’s a free blog-hosting site. Earlier it was quite popular, but still offers a great service but the designs are a bit elementary.
  6. Tumblr.com: Ease of use and ability to share your friends’ work through re-blogging is a plus point. But you will have less customization, just a shade less professional and not ideal for conducting business.
  7. Then there are other options like
    a. Squarespace.com
    b. Plus.Google.com
    c. Wix.com
    d. Medium.com
    e. Hubpages.com
    f. LiveJournal.com
    g. Quora.com
    h. Typepad.com
    i. Weebly.com
    j. Squidoo.com
    k. Postach.io

Now all these options that I mentioned under point 7 are good options, but not for making a profitable professional blog. These are very good options to strengthen your primary blog. You should create blogs on all these domains with very good content, and point these blogs to your primary blog which you should host using WordPress.org. This would become a very important strategy from SEO point of view.

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