What is Email Marketing?

What is Email Marketing
What is Email Marketing

Do you have any clues as to what is email marketing? I am sure, you must have heard of what is email marketing. In fact you must have been seeing what email marketing is. Then why are you reading this article? It’s because you want to know some tricks of the trade of email marketing.

What is Email Marketing
What is Email Marketing

What is Email Marketing? Let’s start by understanding the definition:

Email marketing in a simple terminology means marketing / advertising / promoting your products, goods, services or promotions to the end users through emails. But these are commercial emails and not personal emails. These emails can be broadly classified into two categories:

  • Transactional Emails
  • Direct Emails

Is Email Marketing effective?

Email marketing is extremely effective if done properly. In fact it is one of the strongest forms of marketing provided your customers trust you and your brand. There are a lot of sale conversions that happen due to email marketing. But you need to understand the main barriers to effective e-mail marketing.

But where to start from? How do you get emails address for email marketing?

This is a very important question especially for the start-ups. When you start your business the first thing that you need to promote your business is email address. But then the question is how we get these email addresses. Some of the prominent sources through which you can source emails address include:

  • Social media site like LinkedIn, Facebook etc.
  • Service providers who provide these email addresses at a cost.
  • You can have a tie up with bigger companies who have their own email database
  • You start collecting email address through your website.

In addition there are other ways also to collect the email addresses aswell.

Once you have the email addresses with you, then you need to prepare your email strategy, need to know how many emails can you send per hour from your email account, need a reliable email provider for sending these emails.

When doing an email marketing, you have to be extremely analytical:

Don’t just shoot the arrows. Be extremely focused and segmented if you want to reap the benefits. Also proper analytic reports should be handy if you want to be successful.

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