August 2,2018

Don’t buy email list – Learn to generate your 100% Genuine email list within minutes & stop buying irrelevant & generic email database / email list / email addresses

A practical guide to lead sourcing – Take your business to new heights with relevant email list - Don't Buy email list
A practical guide to lead sourcing – Take your business to new heights with relevant email list – Don’t Buy email list

eBook – “A practical guide to lead sourcing – Take your business to new heights with relevant email addresses”

  • Cost: Rs. 299
  • Form of delivery: eBook as pdf
  • Number of Pages: 42
  • Publisher:

Who all will be benefited from this ebook

This book is good for a complete newbie or someone who have some prior experience as well.

This eBook is extremely useful for any of these people:

  • Business owners
  • Bloggers
  • Consultants
  • Hiring firms
  • Marketing Professionals
  • Email marketers
  • Traders
  • Employers
  • Job seekers
  • Freelancers
  • Content Developers
  • And many more

If you fall into any of these categories, then you will need leads. You need the email address of the right people, be it the decision makers, partner, influencers, proprietors, CXO’s, Managers, suppliers, candidates, customers in short, the right people.

And for that you need to go through this eBook. This eBook will provide you a step by step guidance on how to generate leads and do email sourcing.

Will you require high level skills or computer skills for lead generation

Well, if you know the basic three commands ctrl+a (select all), ctrl+c (copy) and ctrl+v (paste) then you can quickly learn from this eBook.

You do not need any higher order skills. It’s so simple that a that a Granny can also do it.

You might feel it to be crazy because if this was so simple, everyone should have been doing it. Absolutely right!

This is a technique which people generally do not share, because they do not want you to learn how to fish. They want that you should come every time to them to buy fish. If you learn how to fish, then you will never return.

My sole objective of starting the blog was this only. I wanted to guide all the bloggers and start-ups to learn fishing, so that you guys are self-dependent.

Topics covered in the eBook

  • What is lead sourcing?
  • Why are people so keen on sourcing email addresses
  • How important is e-mail marketing within your business strategically?
  • Why do people buy email addresses
  • Why it’s not advisable to buy email list
  • Free eBook: Growing your business with Email Marketing
  • An Honest confession
  • How to become a lead hunter
  • Search engines and social communities are the biggest source of leads
  • Which browser should we use for sourcing email addresses?
  • Strings to use to search for sourcing email addresses
  • Other search query
  • Extract the email addresses from the search engine results
  • Fine tuning the email addresses in Excel
  • Validate the emails that you have extracted
  • Important tips you should always follow

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