9 Proven Ways to Market your Udemy Course


Have you ever thought of earning $2.8 million from Udemy by teaching 120,000 students? Well these are the figures of 2015, and if I take the statistics of 2018, the figure is 880,548 students, so proportionately, the person would have earned $20.5 million to date.

So how come, people are making fortunes by selling the courses on Udemy. You might be thinking that they have very engaging and high-quality content. Of course, that goes unsaid but is that all. Let me explain you, the 9 Proven Ways to Market your Udemy Course so that you know about marketing Udemy courses. In case you are interested in launching your course on Udemy, you may be interested in 7 Important tips to launch a course on Udemy.

Well, the above figures are for Rob Percival’s courses. To test the truthfulness of these figures, I just laid my hands on Udemy to create a course and see if the claims of such high numbers are valid or not. I created a course “A Complete WordPress Website Development Course.” So when I published the course, I had a lot of observations and learning. If you are interested to know how real are these earnings, then you can refer to my post “How much can you earn on Udemy – Are the earnings shown on Udemy true?

A Complete WordPress Website Development Course
A Complete WordPress Website Development Course

Within minutes of course creation, I started getting registrations at supersonic speed on my course. But you have to be very careful in launching your course on Udemy. If you want to launch your course on Udemy, you may be interested in 7 Important tips to launch a course on Udemy.

So, let me share tips and tricks for the successful marketing your Udemy course. These are the proven methods that have been used by some of the most trusted and top instructors of Udemy. This has worked very well for them, and this does not require you to spend any money. All you need is to explore your existing resources.

9 Tips for promoting your Udemy course | Tips for marketing Udemy courses

1. Optimize your course for Udemy Search

Udemy has its own market insight tool that you can use. So you can type any particular topic on which you would like to create a course, and Udemy will prompt with the suggested keywords similar to the one that you are typing.

Tips for promoting your Udemy course - Keyword Research for Udemy
Tips for promoting your Udemy course – Keyword Research for Udemy

So, once you choose the course you would be keen to create, you will then get the demand for that course and other related keywords as well.

Tips for promoting your Udemy course - How to Do Keyword Research for Udemy
Tips for promoting your Udemy course – How to Do Keyword Research for Udemy

How to do keyword research for Udemy course is also a topic of interest for many of the people who wish to create and publish their courses on Udemy.

2. Optimize your course for search engines

Like for any other online content, you need to have proper keyword research to see which are the keywords that are most searched by the users/learners on Udemy. So you should heavily rely on tools like Google Keywords Planner and SEMRush.

These are the tools that will help you provide a complete picture of the keywords being searched by the users.

So before finalizing the content topic on which you would want to create the course, or before writing the course description on Udemy, you should do thorough keyword research, so that you can then use these keywords when writing the course description.

3. Get positive reviews from friends and family

Once you have published your course on Udemy, you need to have at least five eligible reviews for selection by Udemy algorithm, for a Featured Review to display. Also, if you have a higher number of positive reviews, the chances are that you will have higher sales on Udemy. There could be no other person to give a positive review than your family and friends. So you should approach them to write a positive and a crisp review of the course so that people will get motivated to enroll for the course.

4. Initially Offer course for free

There might be different thoughts of different people. Some might suggest that you should make a course paid course on day 1, while some might say, you should offer the course for free.

Well, I am a person, who will suggest that you should initially offer the course for free so that you will get some initial enrollments for your course. Will you as a learner, like to enroll for a course and pay money which has not been tested by any other learner. The answer will be no. So, I sill suggest you offer the course for free initially till the time you get a critical mass and then you can make the free course a paid course. But be careful as there is a limit to the number of switchovers you can make between free and paid course in Udemy.

This is the strategy I have used for my “A Complete WordPress Website Development Course” as well.

Also when you launch your course for free, then there are so many coupon code websites that immediately index your course and then offer the course to their viewers. This helps in quickly reaching higher numbers in less time.

I launched my first course on Feb 13, 2018, which was a free course and then after a couple of days, I made it a Paid course, and I have been able to earn $178.89 in just 20 days.

Tips for promoting your Udemy course and make money online
Tips for promoting your Udemy course and make money online

5. Send emails to your audience

Udemy has its own mailing system and they do not share the email ID of the learners with you. So, if you have to mail your learners, you will have to rely on the mailing system of Udemy. In case you have your own mailing list, you can use that also to promote your course so that you can advertise your course to the maximum people.

6. Have multiple courses on Udemy

The common mistake that people do is that they will make one course on Udemy and then just wait for the income to grow. Its said, do not keep all eggs in one basket. So is the case with Udemy. You need to diversify your portfolio, and you need to have multiple courses so that you can increase your earning source multi-fold. This prompted me to make another course on Udemy “Google AdWords Certification in 2 Days – 2 courses in 1

So, once you have multiple courses, you can share links of one course with the students of another course. Also if you have multiple courses, then the total number of enrolled students also increases multi-fold.

So within 20 days of launching my course, I had 3533 students from 117 countries across the globe. In “A Complete WordPress Website Development Course“I had 2685 students while for the “Google AdWords Certification in 2 Days – 2 courses in 1” I had 1512 students.

7. Promote your course on your blog

Promoting your course on the blog becomes very important because the most trustworthy learners and the most engaged viewers are the viewers of your blog. So whenever you publish a course, you should always keep your viewers informed.

8. Go all out on Social Media

Social media is the most important part of reaching millions of users across the globe whom, you don’t even know and they might be interested in your course. So publicise your course on your facebook page, facebook groups, twitter, Instagram, Google plus, YouTube channel, etc. In case your course is a professional course, then LinkedIn will also be a very good platform for you.

Also like I had mentioned, that there are coupon sites that index your course, so they also publicise your course on the social media. The more you publicise the more reach you will get.

I will suggest you to avoid using services of Fiverr or other platforms as I feel you can do a much better job than them for this particular activity.

9. Add a Promotional Video on your YouTube channel

Adding a promotional video to your YouTube channel ads to publicise your course much more and you can reach much larger audiences. So, it is recommended that you create a promotional video and upload it to your YouTube. The most important information you need to get across in this promotional video is why your course provides good value for the money.

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