Main barriers to effective email marketing

Main barriers to effective email marketing
Main barriers to effective email marketing

Hey Guys – I have been contacted by several people and they as one common question. Why I am not effective in sending emails. So, this inspired me to write this article for you. For you to be effective in email marketing, you need to understand main barriers to effective email marketing.

Main barriers to effective email marketing
Main barriers to effective email marketing

Let us look at the main barriers to effective email marketing in the order of priority.

  1. Quality of email database: As a business owner, we are in a hurry of making quick money and we take certain shortcuts in sourcing the email database. We start searching for email database vendors and pay a handful of money to them to acquire the database. For a couple of hundreds of dollars we buy millions of email addresses. If the foundation of business in itself is wrong, how can we expect good results? So how to get quality email database?
  2. Lack of strategy: While preparing email campaigns there has to be a well-defined long term and short-term strategy. Not preparing email strategy can become a main barrier to effective email marketing.
  3. Lack of time: All of a sudden you plan to send a bulk email to all your customers. In this hurry you miss out several important factors. And the result is that you do not get any conversion. Do consider these important tips to avoid error due to lack of time while sending emails.
  4. Lack of segmentation: Segmentation plays a vital role in reaching the right customer at the right time. All customers don’t have the same maturity level. Don’t shoot in dark. Understand your customers and be very specific while sending mails if you want to increase your conversion through emails. Learn how to do data segmentation of your customer data to improve conversion.
  5. Lack of staff: This is a common problem with all start-ups. Generally in the beginning it’s one man army. The same person takes care of production of goods / content, the same person is responsible for marketing, finance, customer service, back office jobs, development and maintenance of website, and all that comes to your mind. What more can you expect from one person. Let’s plan the resources wisely if we want to be success in our business.
  6. Poor measurement and analytics: We often tend to send mails, without even monitoring. How many mails have been send, how many delivered, how many have bounced, How many have been opened, how many people have clicked on it, and that too region wise, segment wise. These are certain important measurement criteria for your measure the effectiveness of your email campaigns.

    Main barriers to effective email marketing
    Main barriers to effective email marketing
  7. Lack of integration: How well is your mailing system integrated with your website and with other CRM platforms? You cannot be working in a silo. Learn how to integrate mailing system on your website.
  8. Lack of skills and training: It’s like you don’t know how to shoot and you have a gun in hand. Get yourself and your team trained on email marketing. Grab an email marketing course
  9. Lack of relevant content: It’s like asking to bald person to buy a shampoo. You might say, but that is sales and marketing. Absolutely right. But for that you will have to take the customer through the maturity model. If you are lucky you will have some quick wins, but success is not guaranteed.
  10. Poor email technology: Keep yourself updated with the latest trends and technology. People prefer new things everyday.
  11. Lack of budget: This is generally a problem with all start-ups unless funded by financiers. So we have to plan our finances properly to meet the two end and to strike a balance.
  12. Deliverability issues: You need set up your email servers / campaigns properly so that you have proper delivery of emails. So you need to learn how to set your email servers. Remember there are cops sitting to monitor your email campaigns. So you need to learn how to set your email campaigns to find out how to get inbox delivery of emails.

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