7 Important tips to launch a course on Udemy


Do you want to create engaging and profitable Udemy courses from which you can earn good returns? You do want to be a high earning instructor on Udemy. If your answer is yes then you are at the right place. In this post, I will explain you the 7 Important tips before launching a course on Udemy.

Since I have already launched my courses “A Complete WordPress Website Development Course” and “Google AdWords Certification in 2 Days – 2 courses in 1” on Udemy and they have been quite successful, so I can share my experience with you.

In case you have already created a course on Udemy then you should focus on marketing the course on Udemy.

I could earn $178.89 within 20 days of course creation on Udemy, but there was a good amount of work that I had to do before I could earn this much.

In case you want to explore options other than Udemy, there are several other avenues also for you to make money through blogging. In case you want to start your own online presence, I have 20 Golden tips for a successful online start-up. But in this post, I will limit my self by providing you important tips for publishing your course on Udemy.

So, let’s get started.

Udemy is a platform that provides you a complete marketplace for your courses. It provides you with the course insight elements through which you can choose the right course you should focus on, the platform to host your course videos, millions of students to whom you can sell your course, a complete payment integration system, technology required to reach to the learners, mailing system and everything required for a course. In fact, you don’t need to search for any other platform to make money, provided you have a passion for teaching.

Since Udemy is providing you so many features, so let us look at some of the important tips you should focus on to launch a course on Udemy. It will be recommended to do your research on the real earnings on Udemy to find out actually how much people earn on Udemy.

7 Important tips to launch a course on Udemy

1. Identify your Niche

Before you start creating the course, you need to identify areas/topics which are in high demand and the number of courses that are available are less. Also, you should be looking at the median earning that the instructors are getting on Udemy at the same time the topmost instructor is getting.

While selecting the topic, you should also look at the total demand for that course. It might so happen that there are only a couple of thousand people who are interested in that course. So, in such case how much efforts you put in, you will not be able to earn more because there is no demand. So this is a critical factor.

2. Prepare Curriculum outline

Before you start recording your session, you should first make a detailed curriculum outline of the topics you are going to cover. You should go an extra mile and start detailing as to what depth you will be covering a topic. Once you have done this, then you should start preparing your content.

Its recommended that you should also have a look at some of the best selling courses on Udemy and look at the topics that they are covering in their course and also what is the depth to which they are covering the course. This will help you align with the courses already available at Udemy.

3. Your content should add value to the learner

You should not fall into the trap of copying the content what other learners are teaching. You should place your self in the shoes of the learner and see that the value you will be getting from the course. In case you are teaching the same thing that other instructors are teaching, then why should a leaner buy your course. So, your course should have some differentiating factors.

4. Minimum course duration

In case you want to host your courses on Udemy, you need to have a minimum of 30-minute course. So when planning your course, ensure that you have that much content so that the course duration is 30 minutes. If the duration is less than that then you will not be able to earn through Udemy.

5. Lesson duration

Do remember that your course on Udemy is for all the age groups including the millennials, who have a very short concentration span. So the ideally recommended lesson duration is from 2 – 10 min. You should ensure that none of your videos exceed this time.

6. Have the right recording and filming gadgets

Udemy is an open world for all the instructors globally and when you want to host your course on Udemy, you will be competing with the best instructors. Since the courses on Udemy are in the form of Videos, quizzes, articles, so you need to have the best video quality so as to engage your learners. Udemy also has a very strict policy for that. You should take advantage of the free course providing insights for filming your videos for Udemy

7 Important tips to launch a course on Udemy
7 Important tips to launch a course on Udemy

Creating professional and engaging videos is an extremely important aspect of launching your course on Udemy. It is not always expensive to create professional videos and you don’t even need a studio to do that. You can do it at your home.

7 Important tips to launch a course on Udemy
7 Important tips to launch a course on Udemy

In addition to the filming software, you will also require screencast software and video editing software. So, that you can record the screen that you will be sharing with the Learners. OUr recommendation for this would be Camtasia and this is the most prefered software globally.

7. Free or Paid Course – Which is better?

As mentioned in my post 9 Proven Ways to Market your Udemy Course, you should start your course as a free course and as and when the critical mass of the readers is achieved you can switch over and make it as a paid course. But be careful as there is a limit to the number of switchovers you can make between free and paid course in Udemy.


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