How many emails can I send per hour from my email account ?

How many emails can I send per hour from my email account?
How many emails can I send per hour from my email account?

Wondering why your emails are not getting delivered? Or why your account has been blocked by the service provider. Well you might have violated the hidden norms of most of the email providers. But then how many emails can I send per hour from my email account ?

How many emails can I send per hour from my email account?
How many emails can I send per hour from my email account ?

Most of the start-ups become a victim of getting blocked from the email providers on account of sending bulk mails. This is what generally happens. As soon as we get a domain and we have finished set our email ID, we start sending mail. Our email gets delivered to our customer and we feel very happy. On day 1 we will send a couple of emails but as the day passes by we keep increasing the number and we do not even realise when we get into bulk mailing.

One day we come across an email database or we collect email database after putting a lot of efforts and we feel we as of we have got a hidden treasure. That day we feel, wow, now my business is going to flourish like anything. I have email ID, I have emails what else do I need.

So we open our email client like Microsoft Outlook or Windows Live or directly use the browser interface provided by the email provider. We quickly type in the content and then comes the time of typing in the email addresses.

We take all caution of ensuring that we do not type all the email address in the To field. So we copy and paste say 100 email addresses in the BCC field. So that no one will come to know to whom all the emails have been sent. Also we include our email address in the BCC field so that we get an email and we are sure that the emails have been sent. And then we press the send button. We see the emails going are we are very happy. And we become even happier when we receive the email.

We feel as if we have cracked the Da Vinci Code. So we repeat this process a couple of times, till the time we have exhausted our email list.

And then what happens? Any idea…. We find that the emails have stopped going and we receive an email from the email provider that you have crossed the email sending limit and we are informed that we were sending bulk mails. We quickly reply that we have a legitimate list of customers and we have been trying to contact our customers. And we try to make all excuses. But the email providers are not ready to listen. They want it from you in writing that you will not be repeating this in future.

We feel so sad! All the plans that we had made of being on top of the world and to have cracked the emailing techniques appears to have failed.

So where did we go wrong? Well the answer lies in this question “How many emails can I send per hour from my email account?”

How many emails can I send per hour from my email account ?

The answer to this simple question is 25 emails per hour. What 25 emails per hour? That’s ridiculous. But that’s it. And not only this, you can send 150 emails a day. In case you are sending thousands of emails a day, you are for sure going to be blocked.

This holds good whether we are sending emails from Gmail, Yahoo, Rediff, AOL of for that matter our corporate accounts as well. Though Gmail guidelines for sending email mentions higher limits but as soon as you get closer to that bracket, you are inviting problem.

How many emails can I send per hour from my email account?
How many emails can I send per hour from my email account ?

There are email cops sitting and watching all the emails that are moving across the globe. These are cops that allow the legitimate mails to flow, they are the ones to raise a flag whether an email should be marked as spam, a promotional email, a social email or any other category. You need to understand these email cops in a better way, and you need to understand how to send bulk emails before practicing the dangerous techniques of sending it from your email ID.

We need to understand what is email marketing before jumping to send emails.

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