How Is Creativity More Refreshing Than A New Socks – See it at Mapro

Creativity at Mapro Foods, Mahabaleshwar

I had been to Mahabaleshwar recently. During my visit I observed that the entire city of Mahabaleshwar has been painted in Red and Green in a very attractive way. This was nothing but the ads of Mapro. One of the leading Agro Products company. I got quite enthusiastic to see the creativity at its best and wanted to know more about their company. So I first visited Mapro Gardens at Mahabaleshwar, where they are making variety of Chocolates.

Creativity at Mapro Foods, Mahabaleshwar

These guys are too good in marketing of their product and brand. Of course the product quality too is quite good. Since this company is led by Mr. Mayur Vora, Managing Director, Mapro Foods, an IIM-Ahmedabad Graduate, they have spent an ample time researching and finding out the customers’ expectations. And they know how to make their brand presence felt.

How is Mapro Foods, Mahabaleshwar using Creativity?

They have banked on the creativity and to make use of their plant’s products / wastages / surpluses to create items to create something amazing that is liked by all the visitors.

A small truck (extended version of motorcycle) which might have been used at one point of time to transport goods is on the display where people can sit on it and get their photographs clicked.

This made me more curious to visit their pulp processing plant at Wai. The way these guys have used the plant waste products creatively is simply amazing.

Creativity at Mapro Foods, Mahabaleshwar
Glass bottles used as lanterns
Creativity at Mapro Foods, Mahabaleshwar
Plastic bottles used for decoration

The empty glass bottles have been converted to lanterns, plastic bottles have been used as art-effects, used spoons and straws have been used to make decorative items.

Creativity at Mapro Foods, Mahabaleshwar
Used spoons converted to an art-effect

A car that might have been earlier used is now at the entrance and is used as a show car which is helping them promote their brand.

Creativity at Mapro Foods, Mahabaleshwar
Car at the entrance used for brand promotion

Look at the flowerpots. How they have used their creativity to make these pots come to life.

Creativity at Mapro Foods, Mahabaleshwar
Creativity in display of flowerpots

The waste / damaged buckets have been used on the walkways as lampshades.

Creativity at Mapro Foods, Mahabaleshwar
Creativity at Mapro Foods, Mahabaleshwar

There is so much to learn from the team of Mapro. While talking to there team members, I could see that most of the people were local and not so highly qualified. But the loyalty that had for the organization was phenomenal and the employees were totally committed towards the organization and could relate themselves with the organizational growth and prosperity.

Unfortunately, I visited their plant on Tuesday, which happened to be a day of Plant Shutdown so I could not visit their plant from inside. But I am sure, you can see the same level of creativity there as well.

I am sure the Management of Mapro Foods know the power of converting their employees as brand ambassadors of their organization.

This is actually a lesson for all the startups and for the entrepreneurs to make the best use of the creativity of their employees and have a brand reputation.

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