Deal – 20% OFF on Google Apps for Work

Offers on Google Apps for Work
Offers on Google Apps for Work

As a business owner you must be having an email address once you are sending emails are you sure that the emails are being received by recipient and even if they receive it how big is a receiver how many times you have your user business email address and also same time once you have to share document you are stuck of that how to share the document with your customers here comes the usefulness of Google Apps for Work.

Offers on Google Apps for Work
Offers on Google Apps for Work

Before you get into the details, let me show you the offer that we have: 20% OFF

Yes you read is right, get 20% OFF if you create a Google App for Work. Click here to avail the offer

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What is Google Apps for Work or Google Apps for Business?

I’m sure you have a Gmail account and you must have shared information using Google Docs, Google Drive, Google calendar Google Sheets Google Slides and Hangouts. Also you must have thought, how can I use this with my official email ID and how can I share my work with my entire team. Google has made it possible through the Google Apps for Work also known as Google Apps for Business.

Using Google Apps for Work you can link your official email ID with Google and you will be able to access all the features that you have in any Gmail account. Now this makes your life much easier.

In addition, when your emails are being sent from Google, there are all likelihood that the emails will land in the inbox of the recipient. I hope as a business owner this is what you want? Did you go through my post on the main barriers to effective email marketing and is email marketing an important marketing strategy? These will though some more light on the email strategy.

Try Google App for Work – Absolutely Free

So what are the features you will find in Google app for work?

Once using Google app for work you can have access to all the features like Gmail calendar drive doc, sheets, slides sites and hangout.  You can access your email id the way you access your Gmail.  So for a business owner like you it becomes very easy to manage your business.

So what is the cost of it?

The complete Google Apps suite that I mentioned above costs only Rs. 150/user/month.  And even before you pay you can test this by creating a trial account and if you like you can go ahead and convert your trial account into a paid account.

Now here is a deal for you

You can get 20% off on all the Google App for Work accounts that create. Click on this link and create your trial account. Once you have created your trial account in the billing section use that coupon code provided below

Discount Coupon Codes:  


Validity: These codes expire June 30th, 2016.

I am sure your love Google App for Work

I want to give Google App for Work a shot

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