5 Most Common Mistakes Amateur Blogger Make

Amateur Blogger
Amateur Blogger

A stitch in time saves nine. This is what we have learned right from our childhood and this hold true even with blogging. If you are an amateur blogger you should use this as a checklist to see that you are not creating an amateur blog. If you are a seasoned blogger, you can still check these points on your blog and also guide our fellow amateur bloggers to become successful in this domain by giving your valuable tips so that they don’t create amateur blogs.

You will agree with me that the early days of your career are some of the best days of life because you have nothing to lose. So, you can experiment everything you want. But if want a vertical start-up in your career, you need to learn from someone else’s mistake and see that you don’t repeat that in your life. The same applies to amateur bloggers.

So, let’s look at the Common Mistakes an Amature Blogger makes:

1. An Amateur Blogger not choosing a Custom Domain Name

When you look at a blog you can easily make out whether it’s a professional blogger or an amateur blogger. In order to quickly start a blog, an amateur blogger ends up creating a blog on free blogging platforms like blogger, wordpress.com, and other platforms. It might be a good solution to look for custom domain names and get the same registered in your name. Once done, you can then host your domain by choosing the right content management system (CMS).

It’s not a big investment to buy a custom domain and host your own blog. It’s always recommended that you have your own custom domain and hosting because this gives you complete control on your website and your blog does not look to be amateur blogs.

2. Keyword research, the last priority of amateur bloggers

Amateur Blog
Amateur Blog

Keywords are an important factor for writing a blog. You need to understand which are the keywords that your readers are looking for. You need to focus on those keywords that are long-tailed keywords because these keywords are easy to rank in the search engines.

So, you need to do a proper keyword research for your domain. You can and should do keyword research of your competitors and you will get a fair idea of the trends and upcoming keywords. This will help you in creating new posts. I know you must have observed that I wrote “So, let’s look at the Common Mistakes an Amature Blogger makes:” Observe the spelling of “Amature Blogger”. I intentionally wrote it this way because I know that people generally type amateur blogger as amature blogger. This you can understand only when you have done a proper keyword research.

3. Amateur Blogs Design

Amateur Blog
Amateur Blog

This is another common mistake that an amateur blogger does at the start of the career. Suppose we choose WordPress as our CMS, then with the installation of WordPress, there are free inbuilt themes or you choose to download a free WordPress theme, our recommendation would be: don’t use free WordPress theme. Though apparently, the theme might look appealing, but there are lot many logics and coding that is done to make a premium theme. A premium theme would load faster, will be responsive, SEO optimised, safe, mobile friendly. So, do compare the advantages and disadvantages of a premium and free theme, before choosing it for your blog/website.

4. An Amateur Blogger Ends up doing Plagiarism

Amature Blogger
Amature Blogger

What do you think is important for your blog quality or quantity? Well, when I spoke to several people in this community everyone was unanimous in saying undoubtedly quality is the most important thing for any blog. Until you have researched and your blog is unique, rarely you will get visitors on your blog.

So, if your answer to the question was quantity, you will end up losing the battle in this digital world. In the race of having quantity on your blog you will end up picking articles/posts from the blogs of other authors and you will publish it on your blog without giving proper reference/source for the content. This is plagiarism. Please remember, the search engines algorithms are extremely powerful to detect such articles and your domain will be blacklisted and you will be penalized for plagiarism. You can check for plagiarism using Copyscape.

5. Unable to build connections with the readers

Amateur Blogs
Amateur Blogs

Have you ever watched a flop movie? Let’s say Heaven’s Gate (1980) — estimated losses: $121 million, just because the movie could not connect with the audiences. Likewise, when you are writing a blog, you have to write it in such a way that the readers should enjoy reading your blog. I remember one of the tips that Swami Digianand once gave me.

Your audiences are your heroes, if you make them happy, they will make you happy.

Swami Digianand

So, when writing a blog, be extremely careful if you will be able to connect with your readers or not.

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