Advantages of making a local server | Advantages of making a localhost

Advantages Of Making A Local Server
Advantages Of Making A Local Server

When you are creating a website, it is always recommended that you do not develop the website directly on internet. For that you need to a localhost. Let us understand the advantages of making a local server.

Presuming that you know what is a local server, and you know how to setup a local server, let us keep the cart going.

Advantages Of Making A Local Server
Advantages Of Making A Local Server

Advantages of making a local server | Advantages of making a localhost

Whenever you have to do a development, it is recommended that all the development is done on a local server, let’s understand why:

  1. You are not showing half cooked food to your users: If your website is online and you are doing a development, then there will be too many changes happening on the website. If anyone is looking at your website, then that person will surely be confused of what you want to show. This creates a poor impression in the mind of the people.
  2. Make development faster: When you are using a local server then you are fetching the information from your local machine and this increases the speed of web development as you are not depending on the web server or the internet connection speed.
  3. Less chances of losing the data: When you are going a development directly on the web server, then you are relying too much on your internet connection. It might happen that at some point your internet connection speed may drop or you lose internet signal, then there are chances that your data might be lost. While if you are developing your website on a local server, this loss is eliminated.
  4. You can experiment as much as you can without fear: Since you are working on a local machine, so you do not have to fear what people will be thinking of the changes that you are making. Or if something does not work for you, you can delete it. Do what so ever you feel like and when done publish it online.
  5. You can work offline: When you are doing a development on a local server, you can continue doing the development even on the go. You do not need an internet connection. This increases your flexibility.
  6. You are not blocked by firewall: In case you have firewall installed at your place of work and that blocks access to certain resources, then you can free yourself from this burden. When working on a local server, you are the king.
  7. Save cost of internet charges: In case you are on a data usage plan where you are paying for data being consumed, then development of website on a local server is the best option as you will not be consuming internet.
  8. Save on server cost: In case you take a month’s time or more for your website to be fully developed with all the content in it, then when why do you want to pay to your hosting provider for the period your website is being developed. You can save this cost.
  9. Save your server data usage cost: Suppose you are on a cloud server where you are billed for each MB of data being used from your server, you can save this cost.
  10. Choose the right server configuration: When your website is fully developed and you know what’s the size of the server you are looking for? Then go ahead with the purchase otherwise you might end up buying a high end server which you actually don’t need. Or you might buy a low end server while you would have required a bigger server.

Now that you know the advantages of making a local server, go ahead and configure your local server.

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