Doing 10 things on your blog that are more tempting than a Cinnabon

Doing 10 things on your blog that are more tempting than a Cinnabon
Doing 10 things on your blog that are more tempting than a Cinnabon

It has been some time that I have not posted anything on my blog and that prompts me to write on doing 10 things on your blog that are more tempting than a Cinnabon. If we are not regular, it’s like we planted a sampling and we started nurturing it. But one fine morning, we stopped nurturing and expected that it would continue to grow even when it’s not matured. This is what most of us do to our blogs. We start it with a big bang, we remain enthusiastic about it for some time and then we lose interest or we get tied up with other assignments, as a result, we do not spend time posting articles on our blog.

Doing 10 things on your blog that are more tempting than a Cinnabon

In this post I am going to talk about doing 10 things on your blog by which you can glue the readers to the blog and they would always follow us:

1. Be regular in your blog postings:

Every morning, when we get up we have an urge of understanding of what all has happened in the world while we were sleeping. Imagine when we wake up in the morning and we do not find any news on the television, radio, internet or the newspaper. How would we feel? There will be an absolute vacuum and if we find news in other or the other channel, we would be glued to it. And if this continues for some time, we will develop a bond with the channel we have been following and will not be loyal to our previous medium / channel anymore. This holds well with our blogs as well. If we are not regular, there is all likely hood that we will lose our readers.

2. Make the blog title impressive:

Doing 10 things on your blog that are more tempting than a Cinnabon
Doing 10 things on your blog that are more tempting than a Cinnabon

When we are writing our blog make it a point that the title should be very impressive. We just have 5 seconds for you to impress your reader and to take make sure that they continue to read along. In case we are not there in those initial 5 seconds, consider that reader to be gone. We can use this tool to create impressive blog titles

3. Have the right grammar in place:

Use of right grammar is a basic hygiene that the readers would want on any blog they would be reading. One of the essential elements required for any blog is that it should be grammatically correct.

4. Spell check your content:

Many times we are in a hurry to post out content on the blog and we miss out to have the spell check done. Be careful and do that spell check on your blog to ensure you do not have any spelling mistakes. I find this tool Grammarly very useful for this. Not only does it help you with the spellcheck, but it also helps us with the grammar check.

5. Structure your blog properly:

Before writing a blog think of the key points we would be covering in our blog and then structure it properly so that there is a flow of thoughts while writing. If possible, provide numbers to the points that we are writing so that the readers know how many points are there in all and how many have been covered until that time.

6. Be the original content writer:

We might get tempted to pick up points / content from other blogs available online, but neither it’s a fair play nor it is appreciated by the readers. Bring in our uniqueness, our thoughts and create our own content if we want the true engagement of the readers. In case we need to need to check if the content is original or not, we can also use Copyscape to check our content.

7. Use words that can be easily understood by masses:

We often mistake that for writing a blog, we would be using some very difficult / flowery words, then only it’s going to impress a reader. There are very few people on this earth would have time to read through those difficult words or would have time to look for the meaning of those words. So keep it simple. The easier and simple you write, the more engaging the blog would be.

8. Make it pictorial:

A picture is worth a thousand words. If we really want to engage our readers, use pictures, facts in pictorial form like graphs, infographic etc. for the readers to get engaged. Just having test would not keep your readers glued up for a long time. We can use the tools like Canva  or Youzign for the creation of infographics. You can read my posts “5 Reasons Why You Should Use For Your Graphic Designing Needs” and “Creating Stunning Blogs and Social Media Graphics in click of buttons” to have a better understanding how your job can be simplified.

9. Keep us your promises:

When we are writing a blog, see that the blog is revolving around the title and it covers element that you have promised at the beginning. We can add some other elements also, but the basic content covering the title should be covered.

10. Respond timely and in a positive manner:

Once we have posted a content, as a blogger, we want the readers to post a comment. But what if we either do not thank the reader, do not build on it, or do not reply in a positive manner, be rest assured, we are likely to lose the reader. It’s a human psychology, people want to be acknowledged and communicated back and that too in a positive manner. So as a blogger we should build on this

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