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Here are certain tips for choosing a domain name. Out of my experience I have learnt these 10 quick tips, I am sure you will find them useful as well.

  1. Keep it short: Keep the domain name as short as possible at the same time it should convey a meaning. In case you have a long domain name or a complex domain name there are all chances that the users are either going to type is wrongly or are going to forget it. Many a times it is recommended that the domain should be less than or equal to 14 character. Though this is recommended but necessary.
  2. Use keywords in your domain name: As mentioned in the article Choosing Domain Name matching your business name I had mentioned that you should include keywords in your domain name. You should try to include keywords that describe your business or the services that you provide. This also makes it easy for the people to remember.
  3. Avoid hyphens and numbers in domain name: While choosing the domain name, avoid hyphens as it is commonly misunderstood. Another problem is with numbers. You might have used “1” but people may type it as “one”. This is a common mistake and should be avoided.
  4. Choose and appropriate TLD: Based on the nature of business choose a proper Top Level Domain (TLD). The most common and recommended is .com, but this is not the only one. The other ones that are used are
    1. .org – non-commercial organizations and non-profits.
    2. .net – technical, Internet infrastructure sites.
    3. .biz – business or commercial use, like e-commerce sites.
    4. .co – Though this TLD is of Columbia, but some sellers are promoting it as a TLD company, commerce, and community.
    5. .info – informational sites.
    6. .edu – This is a TLD reserved for educational institutions / colleges / universities.

In case you are targeting a particular market and you intend not to move out from that market then you can choose a country specific TLD like .in – for India, .us – for USA, – for UK and many others

  1. It should be easy to type: Very often we make mistake that we use SMS text in domain name like using “u” instead of “you”, “4” instead of “for”. These make it very prone to typing
  2. Target your area: In case you are targeting a particular geographic zone, then it’s recommended that you include the city name in the domain name. This really have a great advantage. But you have to be careful because if your business growth and if you want to move out from that geographic zone, then you will end up in a problem.
  3. Don’t step in someone else’s shoes: Do a proper research that while getting a domain, you are not infringing into someone else’s trademark, copyright or any other company name which might pose a problem for you.
  4. Register the various variants of the domain: Suppose your domain becomes a hit, there is all likelihood that the competitors / spanners / hackers might acquire similar sounding domains that could pose a threat to your business. So when registering a domain, register similar sounding domains or the same name with different TLD’s
  5. The domain should be easy to remember: Don’t try to be extra creative while thinking of a domain name. It should be easy to remember.
  6. Focus on Branding – Check the availability of the profiles on Social Networking Sites: To have a proper branding its always recommended that you have a social profile with the same name as that of your domain. So do research and check available social media names matching your domain name on the social media platforms like,, Google+ etc.

Start choosing a domain name:

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