67th Republic Day setting a new trend in India


Hi Guys – I am sure by now you must have known Swami Digianand . Swami ji joins me in wishing all the Indian readers a Very Happy 67th Republic Day. Even if you are not of Indian origin but if you are a supporter of India then for sure it’s a moment of pride and happiness for you.

Swami ji and I were discussing about the meaning of Republic Day celebration after so many years have passed. You know we kept on debating for a long time that we get a national holiday on this day and what do people do. So we thought rather than being at home, lets go out and find out for ourselves how do people celebrate this National Day. Does this day carries the same meaning that it had 67 years ago or something has changed.

As soon as we started, the very first sight was quite encouraging. The photo says it all.

67th Republic Day Celebrations
67th Republic Day Celebrations

A man riding his Royal Enfield with all the safety gears (very important) with our tricolour tied on the bike was moving around, trying to depict this feelings of patriotism. May be the times have changed but it appears that the feelings regarding celebrating the Republic Day has deepened over the years.

Earlier we were debating that people generally using this National Day to finish off their pending work or sleep for long hours and relax. But after seeing this our impression started changing. Also every where we could hear patriotic songs on full blast and people congratulating each other.

But there was something strange we saw. And this was long queues in front of all the shopping malls. Yes! we smelled what we were looking for. People were using this day for the finishing off their pending jobs. And on top of that the Malls were offering the maximum discounts on this day to lure customers. But then we thought what’s wrong, if people are first spending time in remembering and celebrating the Republic Day and then they go out with their families and make the best use of the rest of the day.

67th Republic Day Celebrations at RCity Mall Ghatkopar, Mumbai, INDIA
67th Republic Day Celebrations at RCity Mall Ghatkopar, Mumbai, INDIA

Young talent of India singing patriotic songs and people enjoying these songs was creating an environment that was truly mesmerizing.

May be this is the beginning of a New India. Even after 67 years of being a Republic if the youngsters are still so enthusiastic about patriotic songs, then what better a nation can expect. What is important are the feeling and not how you portray those feelings.

Once again wish all the readers a Very Happy 67th Republic Day

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