20 Golden Tips for a successful online start-ups

20 Golden Tips for a successful online start-ups

Good that you thought of starting your own venture. How long can a person work as an employee especially when you know you have a potential to go high. But before you jump in starting a new venture here are the golden tips you should always remember for creating an online presence. Here are the 20 Golden Tips for a successful online start-ups.

Today if you really wish to market yourself, then the best place to market is on line. When you go online the possibilities are endless. Well that might not be the case for 100% businesses as it might depend on the niche you are working upon. But for most it works.
So how do you enter the digital space?

20 Golden Tips for a successful online start-ups

20 Golden Tips for a successful online start-ups. Follow it and no one can ever beat you.

  1. Think of a business that you are interested in and gather all the information and statistics that you might think would be helpful. Understand you target audience, their profiles, their needs, their buying patterns. You can use this link for getting some basic information. There are several around the net.
  2. Think of a business name. Do not finalize it. Repeat Do not finalize it. Why am I am emphasizing so much.
  3. Focus on branding. It will pay you in the long run.
  4. Based on the niche you are handling look at the customers requirement and choose the right platform on which you website should be sitting.
  5. In case you are choosing the WordPress / Joomla / Drupal as a CMS for your website, then you will have to choose the right theme and the plugins/modules/components for your website.
  6. Depending on your customer’s location and needs, carefully choose your hosting provider.
  7. Develop your website OFF line on a localhost and once done, then transfer it online. Or else use some quick tips to avoid serving half cooked food to your customers.
  8. Speed up your website. Search engines hate slow sites.
  9. To have the basics set in order, you will have to do an extensive Keyword Research so that you can reach the right audiences.
  10. While developing the website ON Page optimization has to be done.
  11. Always set the things straight. Let there be a clear navigation as to how people have to access your website and highlight what needs real focus rather than highlighting all the items.
  12. Have a Antispam plugin installed on your website
  13. Offer Freebies on your website and link them with the Newsletter Subscription. Visitors love freebies. Capturing the visitors emails ID and name is a must for you to start a dialogue. So these freebies, help people enrol for the Newsletter. Email Marketing is an important aspect to reach the end customers.
  14. The world is not safe, so let’s ensure the security of our website and the security of our visitors. Have the required anti spam and security softwares installed on your website.
  15. Have a detailed SEO plan.
  16. Social Media Marketing goes a long way if you really want to have a brand building.
  17. Paid Ads should be in your radar as well.
  18. Affiliate marketing should be considered if selling a product. But this should be optional depending upon the business you are into.
  19. Online support / chat option is a good way to have a direct interaction with your customer.
  20. Be regular in writing and posting articles / content on your website and on the internet. Google, Bing and all the Search Engines love fresh and unique content. They dislike plagiarism.
  21. Though its being mentioned as the last point, but the world revolves round it. Be customer centric, focus on customer delight, customer satisfaction will automatically come. Be like a real flower, bees will automatically come. Change is the only thing that is constant. So keep evolving.
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